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    WinSperse 3030


    WinSperse 3030

    Hyperdispersant for solvent based applications

     Chemical Composition

     General application guidance

     Non-polar polymer with basic amines

     For organic pigments, use 4-12% on dry pigment basis.

     Inorganic pigments, use 2-8%.

     For carbon black, use 10-30%.

     Chemo-physical Properties

     Application tips

     Appearance: Brownish paste

     Active ingredient: 100%

     Amine value(mgKOH/g): 105-125

     Density(g/ml, 60℃):0.92-0.95

     For use directly in inks and paints,

    ■Dissolve  dispersant  in grinding mixture and followed by adding pigments. For better results,  use together  with WinSperse2010/2050.

     For modifying pigments during synthesis. First, make emulsion using 4 parts of the dispersant and 1 part non-ionic emulsifier (or 4 parts of acetic acid) in warm water, or dissolve the dispersant into rosin solution. For yellow azo-pigment, use together with

    WinSperse 2020 for better results.

    ■ For Azo-pigment. Add the emulsion to the rosin solution before or after the coupling step,or to the paste before filtration.

    ■ For Phthalocyanine pigment.Base  on  P.B.15,  P.B.15:3 cake,  add  10%  sulphonated phthalocyanine  while  stiring,heat the mixture to 60-70℃, add 10-15%  dispersant,continuing stiring at same temp. For 2 hours,filtrate and bake to dry to obtain

    P.B.15:2, P.B.15:4.

    ■ For Prussian blue cake:At 60-70℃, add 5-7% WinSperse 3030with stiring



     Contain multi-amine anchoring group for the pigment surfaces for better adsorption.

     Reduce system viscosity and increase storage stability.

     Increase color strength and gloss.

     Drum: 18kg/drum

     Application scope


     Ink: Used in low polarity offset and gravure inks.

     Paint: Used in industrial paint with alkyd resins.

     Pigment: Such treated pigments are used in low polarity systems such as offset ink, gravure ink and industrial paint with alkyd resins  for  much  improved fluidity, dispersibility, without compromising  color  strength.Especially suited for P.R.57:1,P.Y.12, P.Y.174 etc.

     Store in cool and dry places, good for 2 year.

     After partial use, re-seal the container.


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